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我們是Zhock Audio為您提供新科技及不同效果的音響效果體驗生活方式。


Zhock Audio provides the sound experience lifestyle with new technology and different effects.


Founded in 1990, Zhock is a manufacturer specializing in the production of high quality headphones in China.

We specialize in headset design and a variety of headset manufacturing.

Our appeal and success depend on our 25 years of experience in headsets, manufacturing and offering superior quality and competitive prices.

We work all day to help our customers find the right products for their market.


Zhock Audio


Zhock Audio 是Supreme Hamony原始編解碼器Knight Audio和一個新的專業品牌,是否符合免費無損音頻編解碼器和其他高分辨率音樂格式,進入發燒級市場。


如今,24bit 192KHz Music Streaming可供音頻手機下載。


我們是Zhock Audio 為您提供各種不同效果的Zhock 旗艦平台的生活方式。

Zhock Audio is a new professional brand and Supreme Hamony's original codec, Knight Audio, that meets the free lossless audio codec and other high-resolution music formats and enters the enthusiast market.


FLAC is a new trend in the same music format as MP3, but needless to say, high-sampling audio compression without any loss of sound quality.

Today, 24bit 192KHz Music Streaming is available for download on mobile phones.

Designed for audio, you can play compressed FLAC files on your favorite equipments (like mobile phones), but with built-in audio decoders and other portable players that support FLAC or other high-resolution music formats and our Product Series.


We are the lifestyle of the Zhock Flagship platform where Zhock Audio offers you a variety of different effects.

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