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Skin can feel the music


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Vibration intensity 

Zhocking Beats ZB-100 built-in the latest Exclusive Patented vibration technology which can adjust the vibration intensity according to different sound frequencies



讓你知道每一發槍聲或腳步聲 都可清晰知道從哪個方位而來, ZHOCKING BEATS 都能將遊戲中的各種聲音來源 栩栩如生地 呈現在你面前。

3 Layers of high, medium and low audio

The Zhocking Beats ZB-100 can sense ALL 3 LAYERS OF HIGH, MEDIUM & LOW AUDIO and create corresponding VIBRATIONS! 


ZHOCKING BEATS ZB-100 comes with a high quality cables set.

It is mainly designed to simulate possible vibrations based on the video or game source, and highly restore the scene. 

Whether it's the footsteps from the rear, the recoil of the shots and the click of the reloading, or the shocking sound of the explosion, it will match with vibrations of corresponding strengths and different directions, so you get to experience the touch sensory feelings of being on the battlefield in REAL TIME WITHOUT DELAY!



Professional high quality Audio Settings 
  • Balanced levels of sounds frequency plus 3D Surround Sound Feelings. 

  • Sense ALL 3 LAYERS OF HIGH, MEDIUM & LOW AUDIO and create corresponding VIBRATIONS!

  • Perfect for Games, Movies & Music.

PC & Mobile Capable
  • 3.5mm interface: Great for PC, Mobile Phone, Tablet and other audio devices. 

  • Good for using indoor and outdoor.

  • Come with Microphone, which is good for phone calls or games

Optional Vibration Selector (On or Off)
  • You can select Vibration on or off depends on the scenarios

Zhock Exclusive Patented Vibration Technology 
  • Combined the sound source and vibration source on the same body without mutual interference or distortion of the sound source

  • Adjustable Vibration levels

  • Clearly identify sounds’ directions & strengths and Vibrate accordingly.

  • The unique design, magnetic vibration film and dynamic loudspeaker make the vibration effect deeper and more comprehensive 

Exceptional Clarity
  • Come with 3.5mm interface which is perfect for most audio devices

  • High quality Audio Cables 

  • Dynamic & balance Headphone Drivers that delivers exceptional sweetness and clarity    

Great Design & Reasonable Price
  • Perfectly isolated sounds from the outside world

  • Comfortable designed concealed inner frame groove

  • At least 40% Lower in Price compared to other vibration headphone, yet with much better quality and functions.

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