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Skin can feel the music



4D  vibration full featured headphone

Stereo and extreme sound differences,

ZHOCKING BEATS is as immersive as you are.

 Every shot or footstep can clearly hear from where they come from,

ZHOCKING BEATS brings all sound sources to life right in front of you.

REAL Patent Technology SOUND FORCE 2.2

​REAL 4D  Vibration Headphone

Gaming Experience


with more than Just sounds


We understand how much gamers care for sound effects, so the patent technology of SOUND FORCE 2.2 in ZHOCKING BEATS will bring different levels of details and senses of reality to users.

ZHOCKING BEATS will simulate possible vibrations based on the video or game source, and highly restore the scene. Whether it's the footsteps from the rear, the recoil of the shots and the click of the reloading, or the shocking sound of the explosion, it will match with vibrations of corresponding strengths and different directions, so you get to experience the real feelings of being on the battlefield.

Home Theater


in a new realistic way

Enjoy movies with the new shocking audiovisual Senses


With the experience of private theatre and the shocking sound effect of Hollywood blockbuster, now you can enjoy the cinematic audiovisual effects at home on a whole new level.

Break through the limits of sensory enjoyment! 

Truly experience the realistic 4D Movie world!

ZHOCKING BEATS provides a rich acoustic experience with full stereo sound. Together with our SOUND FORCE 2.2 technology, you will immerse yourself fully in the movie world.

What is


Other vibration headphones
in the market
Their vibrator can only vibrate
in a single position


4D  vibration headphone


Presents a more vivid sense of realism than listening to a single sound position. With our 360° all-round sound, even if the bullets are shot from the front or even from behind, the vibration will make your body really feel as in the real life and improve your sensory response

Patent technology

Exclusive Patented vibration technology


What is SOUND FORCE 2.2 ?

SOUND FORCE 2.2 is a brand new patented technology that can adjust the vibration intensity according to different sound frequencies.

Most of the so-called "4D headphones" on the market are actually based on 3D stereo effects, added with a single vibration function from the vibrator.

The sound system of our Exclusive Patented vibration technology, however, can clearly identify the source of the sound, and adjust the direction of the source of the vibration wave, so that the vibration frequency and sound effect can be perfectly matched. This technology greatly improves the fineness of vibration, and can create vibrations from different directions and strengths according to different sound sources. That creates a true "4D headphone".

Compared with the traditional technology, which only responds to the vibration of the bass, SOUND FORCE 2.2 can sense a wide range of tones across the 3 layers of high, medium and low audio, so that the headphone can create vibration response on top of the traditional sound effects.

Users can recognize the position not only by listening to the sound, but also by the tactile sense, which further enhances sensory enjoyment, setting off a revolution in the field of audio.

SOUND FORCE 2.2  will become a landmark feature in the vibration headphone industry.

And, Zhock ZB-100 4D will be the first vibration headset with the SOUND FORCE 2.2.

It is an industry standard, a new frontier, a functional revolution, a milestone, a new technology!

It's a symbol!

Provisional Patent Application: Pending

China Patent Number:​ ZL 2018 2 1394149.2

The Origin of 


The technology of Zhock ZB-100 4D Vibration Headphone is mainly implemented and designed by the Engineering Director, Mr. MH Lam, of Hong Kong Chiba Design Consulting Co., Ltd and having Mr. Chiba (senior headphone producer) from Japan as the technical consultant. We add the surround vibration source into the headphone product to make the loop stereoscopic effect with the frequency of the sound source, so that the sound can be sensed with the skin in addition to listening.

The vibration sources are mainly produced by Chiba Company at its own development of vibration horns. The front 40 mm dynamic coil horn outputs the mainstream sound source, while the rear electromagnetic metal vibration film, together with the sound source output, provides deeper levels of surround three-dimensional vibration.

Mr. Chiba, who is professional in headphone development and sound quality identification, spent years of research and improvement, and successfully developed the way to combine the sound source and vibration source on the same body without mutual interference or distortion of the sound source.


The unique design, magnetic vibration film and dynamic loudspeaker make the vibration effect deeper and more comprehensive, which opens a new revolution for the headphone vibration mode.


Users can enjoy the true 4D experience, and lead the industry into the Exclusive Patented vibration technology field!

Zhock ZB-100 4D Vibration Headphone can satisfy different needs of users.

Disco and heavy metal music lovers can enjoy the new sound mode and vibration feelings.

Movie Lovers and gamers can also feel the unbeatable senses of gun shooting and booming in movies or games.


螢幕截圖 2019-05-03 下午7.29.53.png

千葉 俊雄

 Chiba  Toshio

1988 - 1989

Technical Adviser of Samsung Audio Div., Korea
1989 - 1997

Aiwa Japan Engineering Div. AGM.
1997 - 2002

Aiwa HK Enginering Div. GM
2003 - 2016

Established Chiba Consulting in HK
2005 - 2016

Quality & Technical Consultant of HK OEM Factory

(for EU,US and Japan)
2010 - 2016

Develop Planer headphone Driver

 First Planner Headphone sale to Rogers(UK)


Quality & Technical Consultant of Japan Audio Factory




4D Vibration Technology

Vibration frequency - 20Hz-6KHz

Cables for PC

Independent cables (power / Mic / headphone)

3.5mm interface

Connect to Mobile Phone/PAD

Frequency response

20Hz - 20KHz

3D   surround

E-sports dedicated   Clear range

Gunshot / footstep / environmental sounds

Balance vocals and game sounds

Concealed inner frame groove

Keep the frame from pressing on the face, even when wearing glasses

Exclusive INternational pre-ordering


It's now open for pre-ordering, please contact us today!

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